T-shirt #2 –  Black shirt with black letters – “I’m a lot cooler on the Internet”.

T-shirt #3 – “Why am I so thirsty when I drank so much beer for lunch?”

T-shirt #4 – “I don’t need Google. My wife knows everything.”  This one is complete with the Google colors.

T-shirt #5 – “Don’t worry. Saturday is coming.”

T-shirt #6 – “Three Wise Men – Jim, Jack, Johnny”

These are all either for sale someplace in town or we saw people wearing them.

People wear t-shirts that make no sense.  We see ones from made up U.S. colleges, universities, athletic teams – wrong towns, wrong colors, wrong logos.  I’d love to take pictures of all the wrong shirts!

Camp David is a real brand of clothes in Germany but we always think of Camp David, Maryland (the Presidential retreat) so it looks a bit odd to us.