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11/4 Sicilian questions

I’m so far behind updating our trip.  Can I blame it on slow connections?  Or maybe just having too much fun??

We spent 8 days in Trapani, just hanging out at a really nice AirBnb with a balcony overlooking the sea.  We had the best hosts EVER!  They supplied us with some Trapanese food specialties so we’d try them.  After we asked for a recommendation for the best cannoli, they stopped by the next day with 2 fresh cannoli for us!  “The best place was too far for you to walk.” They even gave us a ride to the bus station when we checked out.   

View from our balcony while we had a little Happy Hour.
This is the bay by Trapani. Lots of sailing, fishing, snorkeling goes on here. Our apt. was across the street from the bay
This is businate pasta, a regional specialty. The pasta is twisted and is a bit chewy but is yummy with sauce and garlic and seafood.
Salt is a product of the area. These salt pans are flooded with sea water and after the water evaporates, the salt is harvested. Harvesting season was over for the year.
Harvested salt!
Yes … that is harvested salt sitting at the dock waiting for shipment but we don’t no to where!

As we’ve traveled around the island, we’ve made some observations. Here goes!

  • Low to the floor beds!  5 out 6 beds have been ridiculously low to the ground.  Why?? Only one bed has had box springs – just fairly good mattresses.  We wonder what someone who grew up here thinks the first time he/she sees a U.S mattress and box springs on a high bed frame??  Mark says all the pillows are flat, too!
  • “Transition” coats – We learned this term from a German friend who says there’s no good English translation for the German word but it amounts to a light Fall jacket.  We see people in puffy coats all the time; meanwhile, Mark waers his shorts and Susan wears capris and no jackets. 
  • Sicilians don’t seem to be very fond of A/C or draughts either. Scarves are everywhere and not for decoration.  One of the ladies working in the Poste had a heavy scarf around her neck. We couldn’t even tell any A/C might be on!
  • Signage in National Archeological Parks or the lack thereof – After visiting 3 of these sites, we’ve determined no extra money is spent on signage to guide visitors around the sites in a logical – or even illogical order.  One site had a pretty good map; one had a barely useful map; and one had none at all!  The ticket guy just shrugged when I asked for one. Why would I need a map?
  • A few arrows along the way would help visitors decide if the track leads someplace – like to a temple – or if it’s just a track made by visitors? When they do have a “path”, let’s just say some of the paths would never quite be approved by the U.S. NPS!
  • Laundry  … just typical European washing machines – The wash and rinse process takes a minimum of 90 minutes. Why do our clothes need rinsed and spun 3 times??
  • Toilets – our grades for public toilets are based on 4 things: toilet paper, soap, water, and a hand dryer/paper towels. We haven’t found many that score 4/4. We carry TP and a hand towel with us along with hand sanitizer.