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Even more signs

We have LOTS of sign pictures!

Warning sign in Jodphur, India – selfies and the guard rail warnings are good.

Snake warning sign

Snake warning signs are everywhere in Australia! We never saw a snale, thank heavens.

Sun warning sign

Yes, this sign really exists. We’ll pass on the political thoughts that came to mind when we saw it in Western Australia.

Ladies out of order sign

Mark thinks there must be a joke in these signs somewhere.


More signs along the way

We spotted many long winded British signs.  Australia learned their sign making skills from the Brits in many locations.

Thanks to Darcy for starting us on the task of recording signs!

Icy path sign

Oxford had to explain that the paths might be slippery if it’s icy. Really??  This is the same country that cancels train service with the excuse “Leaves on the track.”

We found this sign in Oxford University at the Sheldonian Theatre.

The firefighters have to be told how many hoses to use in Port Macquarie?

slippery tiles warning sign

Yes, this sign was REALLY in one of our bathrooms!

These signs just made us smile!

Hobart uni no parking sign

University parking is a problem all around the world. This one is in Hobart; coincidentally across the street from the Hobart Brewery.

Perth train rules

All the rules about riding a train in Perth.  The sign creator had a sense of humor at least!

Perth Rail sign to give up seat

Students MUST give up their seats. How often does this work??

“Signs, signs, everywhere a sign” – apologies to Five Man Electrical Band

Signs are everywhere. Some we could read; others, not so much. Some are pictures giving directions and some are just bad translations. Some are written by the Brits; easy to recognize by their length – as in long. Here are some of the more amusing or puzzling or long signs we’ve seen along the way!

Spelling is a problem both in English and non-English as a first language countries.

This sign is in Fort Augustus, Scotland where English is the first language and they still can’t spell – or proofread!

missing a T in the word

No room for the “T”

Misspelled fruit shake sign

Spelling is not always perfect in signs. This one’s in Thailand.

Then there are the signs about phones and computers!

 coffee shop no laptops

A library coffee shop in Oxford wants to keep the tables free for patrons.

rome no cell phone sign

One of our favorite little pizza places in Rome has this sign.

No selfies with the penguins! We found this sign in South Africa while watching penguins.

Scot Rail sign

This sign was on the train between Edinburgh and Inverness.

Jodhpur hotel advertisement

We like the “etc” on the hotel advertisement on this Jodhpur hotel.

Jodhpur no smoking sign

The fort in Jodphur tried to discourage smoking.

closed coffee shop sign

The coffee shop at RMIT university was closed when we walked by.

No parking sign in middle of parking spot

This sign takes up a perfectly good parking spot and there were 3 or 4 of them in Porrt Macquarie.

Champagne sign

Advertising Tasmanian sparkling wine.

Rome – Cash only economy!

scotland hot water sign in a sink

Just in case you can’t figure out that water in a sink might be hot. This was in a Scottish toilet.

No feeding kangaroo sign

Don’t you dare feed the kangaroos!

Mark used the toilet in Terminal 21 in Bangkok. We saw many Japanese tourists there and we assume that’s why they had a Japanese style toilet with all the bells and whistles.  At least they posted these directions on what the functions of the various buttons are on the toilet – sort of!  It goes along with some signs we saw for how to use a western toilet – SIT on the seats!

sit on the toilet

Make sure you sit on the western toilet. We found this sign in Bangkok.