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Blue Cave

An All-day Trip to 6 Islands and the Blue Cave

We booked the 6 Island Excursion with Space Fun Troghir to go to the Blue Cave, Hvar City, and a few other places along the way.

We met at their booth along the Riva with Maja and 4 other people about 7:30 AM. Maja walked us to the boat, Moody Summer, that showed up from Troghir with a Finnish family on board – mom, dad, and 2 girls.  The other passengers were a French couple, a video editor from UK (works for Technicolor), and a female psychologist from Mexico City. First stop was the Blue Cave on the island of Biševo  after a 1.5 hour speed boat ride.  The water was smooth but we both had to put on wind breakers.

This is the beginning of the off-season and we lucked out – no wait to transfer to the small boats to go into the Blue Cave.  The wait can be 2-4 HOURS in the summer. The cave was beautiful and very quiet because only 3 boats were inside at one time.  Unfortunately, the visit time is very controlled so we didn’t get a very long visit.

underwater entrance

The underground entrance to Blue Cave and where the light enters to create the reflection.

Inside the Blue Cave

Inside the Blue Cave. This is all natural light.


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