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Las Vegas

Summer 2023 – Iowa and Las Vegas

A good friend retired as an airline pilot this summer and invited us along on his last flight. It was Las Vegas – Seattle – Las Vegas. Great time was had by all on the flight and in LV for the weekend. The only downside was the flight left LV at 6:00 AM. First time I’ve been in an airport before the Starbucks opened! We were back in Vegas before noon.

The 2 Marks at 5 AM
Mt. Ranier showed its head.
A water cannon greeted the plane when we arrived back in Las Vegas.

A few weeks later we headed to Iowa for the 4th of July and a visit with Mark’s family. Lila was celebrating her birthday, too. We did a little sightseeing in the area while we were there, checking out covered bridges, cornfields, and small towns.

This is the famous bridge in “Bridges of Madison County” in – you guessed it – Madison County, Iowa.
Another bridge. We drove all over the county hunting down four covered bridges.
Yes, this is John Wayne’s birthplace in Winterset, Iowa
Cumberland, Iowa – not Cumberland, MD.
Best bar name in Cumberland, IA
Sunday lunch was in Masena, IA for the 5th best pork tenderloin sandwich in Iowa last year. It’s an Iowa thing.
Lila’s Birthday cake for the party