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Maldives 12/9/2022 – end of week 1

Our first week is almost over and it’s a grey, windy day with some rain thrown in BUT it is warm! We’ve been at the Hard Rock Hotel all week.  It’s the closest resort to the airport, only requiring a speed boat ride. We did half board which included a large breakfast buffet and dinner (appetizer, main, and dessert each) from a number of different restaurants – Mexican, Indian, Thai, Maldivian, International, seafood, Japanese, Hard Rock Café – so we never got bored.

The staff here is very international although most are Maldivian.  We’ve met people from Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, India, Italy.  They’ve tried teaching us some Maldivian language not too successfully, but they are very polite when we butcher it!  Every evening at sunset there are canapes and drinks with different staff members wandering around to get feedback from guests and this is when we’ve learned the most about the country and the staff.

The guests come from all over the world with a strong contingent from Brazil, Russia, and Europe.  Dubai is only a 4 hour flight so lots of expats come here for a break. We met a lovely Scottish family who live in Dubai and shared a few beers by the pool with them.  For those of you who don’t travel because “we have children”, the Scots were here with their 6 year old and  7 week old! 

We’ve seen/heard a few Americans, but we are definitely in the minority.  When we are asked where we are from, we reply “Where do you think?” and the UK is the normal guess!

Our overwater villa
Full moon at the Hard Rock. There was a Full Moon party but we were in bed before the party really got going about midnight.
This is the beach at the Hard Rock with the villas in the background. The pic is a bit crooked but we’re taking all the pics on the phones since my neuropathy won’t let me use the “real” camera!


  1. Brenda Ogden

    It all looks and sounds wonderful!! So happy you’re enjoying it. Love learning new languages – even a few words 😊

  2. Kathleen Schmidtke

    Susan –

    We have seen pictures from the Full Moon party Barney attended in Thailand – you are probably glad you were in bed.

  3. Debbie

    Looks beautiful and relaxing!! Thanks for sharing.

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