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We made our first reservations!

Thomson Safari Book

Thomson Safari booklet

A safari made it to the top of the bucket list and we started researching safaris about a year ago – talking to friends who’d been on safaris, reading magazine stories, checking out rankings.  We finally narrowed the list down to one country – Tanzania – and one or two companies.  After quite a few conversations and more than a few emails and dozens of questions, we finally decided on Thomson Safaris. (I’m sure Gabriella cringed every time she saw another email from me.)  We picked a date and a safari but we knew the decision was REALLY made when we made a reservation and put down a deposit last month.

Mark took a few looks at the map and said “Rwanda is the next country over. We need to see the gorillas if we are so close!”  More decisions to be made and more research to be done. The gorillas are in Volcanoes National Park along with the Golden Monkeys and permits to go trekking to see the gorillas are limited each day.  After going back and forth on dates and availability of permits and hotels, we finally added this experience to our trip – more deposits were made!  Now we have a few dates in concrete on the trip itinerary.

Deciding to visit Rwanda added one more little task to the “to-do list” – yellow fever vaccine is required to enter Rwanda.  Off we went to visit the Larimer County Health Department for a Yellow Fever immunization.  I’m happy to report neither one of us had any side effects from the experience!

10/5 Update – we made hotel reservations for the Hotel Uhland in Munich for 8 rooms for 16 of us so now we have a place to stay for Oktoberfest.  Next task for Oktoberfest is to get reservations for tables in an evening session tent and then buy  food vouchers.  I’ll be in Germany this summer and may try to get them all then.

Hotel Uhland Munich

Hotel Uhland, Munich

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