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Let’s add Jordan to the itinerary.

An interesting story about Jordan on 60 Minutes gave us an idea to make a stop in Jordan for a few days to see Petra and the Dead Sea.  It would be prudent to check with the U.S. and U.K. governments for any travel advisories – travel to Jordan is a go!  The CTP (chief travel planner) looked for some tours in Jordan so now it’s a matter of choosing a good one.  Another task added to the “to do” list. Now the itinerary has grown to Rwanda … Cape Town … Seychelles … Dubai … Amman … and back to Europe.

Lonely Planet books  became our go-to travel sources ever since we found them when we lived in Australia and discovered that they include laundromat locations!  Finding a place to do the laundry is VERY important!  Now the books are offered in e-versions and, when LP has a sale, I stock up on e-versions of the books. I can always print out a few pages to take along and I don’t have to lug the whole book in my backpack.  Today, I added a book about Jordan and another one about the Arab Peninsula.  Does this mean we’re REALLY adding those countries to our plan?