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Denver needs this technology

luggage video in airport

Screen in screen technology at the Bangkok airport. In the upper right corner, you can see luggage moving along.

We flew Bangkok Airlines to and from Koh Samui and we checked bags both ways – don’t ask!  At the Bangkok end, we waited quite a while (about 20 minutes) for our luggage to show up (and this was after a potty stop). The airport entertains passengers with ads on a big screen above the carousel.  At some point, we noticed a  little screen was added to the big screen.  Then we figured out we were seeing suitcases moving through the luggage system at the airport.  THEN, we saw our 2 suitcases fly by on the screen.  This gave us some hope that the luggage was on the way or at least was in the bowels of the airport someplace.

This is pretty cool technology. Think DIA (DEN) would ever install a few cameras in strategic locations in the luggage areas?  At least it relieves the boredom of just standing and waiting.

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