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Always take beer along on kayaking trips

We learned a valuable lesson from a couple we met at the hotel yesterday while having drinks.  The couple is from Illinois – one U. of Illinois grad and one U. of Michigan grad.  You can’t avoid the Big 10 people no matter where you are in the world.

They went sea kayaking and took along a bag with wallet, money, credit card, passport and 4 beers in cans.  As they kayaked, they drank the beers and returned the empty cans to the bag to be safely and responsibly disposed of at the hotel.  As they got back to the beach with the kayak, they realized the bag had fallen out of the kayak so off they went to retrace their rowing steps.

Right as they got up to a dock up the beach, what did they see?  Amazingly, his bag was floating happily in the water.  They give all the credit to the empty beer cans for keeping the bag afloat!  The contents were a bit wet, but everything was still in the bag.

See, beer and kayaks go well together!

koh samui beach Sheraton

One of the beaches on Koh Samui. This one had rough waves over the weekend.

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