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A few days in Oxford

Our friend Tim has a position at Oxford University in the Said Business School and he graciously agreed to let us leave our winter clothes at his apartment.  Now we have to plan a trip for next summer to come retrieve the clothes we’ve left all over Europe!

Dining Hall for Harry Potter

This Oxford Dining Hall as used in the Harry Potter movie. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you can take some tours of the various locations.

divinity School

Oxford Divinity School – one of the oldest part of the university

Mark and Susan Divinity School

We’re in the Divinity School here. A hospital scene and a ballroom scene from Harry Potter were filmed here.

We spent the weekend in Oxford and Tim showed us around the University. He can take guests into many places that usually cost (Oxford has figured out they can generate income by charging people to see the various colleges and chapels.) so we visited the Library with books from the 1600’s. The library smells like old books.

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