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A Thursday of Oktoberfest Fun – and beer!

Oktoberfest seemed to be a success for our gaggle of 21 people – 6 Germans and 15 Americans.  If you don’t know, Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich every year for 17-20 days and is a large party/fair for everyone who attends.  We had reservations in the Pschorr Braurosl Tent, thanks to hard work by a German friend.  Reservations are free but you must buy food and drink vouchers for 2 beers (Each beer is a liter.) and a half chicken for each person.  You can order other food and “pay as you go”.  Our reservation started at 11:30 AM on Thursday morning and we had the 3 tables until 4:30 PM.  Let’s just say everyone enjoyed the food, drink, company, and German music. I lost count of the number of liters of beer that were consumed by our group.  A few hats were purchased from the vendors, too.

pschorr brauosl tent

This is the tent we had reservations for all afternoon.

Half a chicken and part of a beer – The rest had been consumed!

Coat rack and reserved sign

Everyone hangs coats on the table legs. Reserved signs are on the table after you find the row of your table from your reservation letter.

Spaten beers

Three Spaten beers – a liter each.  These were the beers of choice at 9 PM.

The Spaten tent. We’re on the balcony looking down on the crowd.

Susan in a chicken hat

Unnamed member of the gaggle purchased the chicken hat. I just tried it on.   The hats have a button that makes the chicken legs wiggle.

Mark with chicken hat

Mark had to wear the chicken hat, too!

Whole Oktoberfest group

The whole group wearing the Susan (S) and Mark (M) World Tour shirts.

Mark in tent with a beer


Night time at Oktoberfest

Night time at Oktoberfest








  1. Beverly Kurtz

    I think Mark is onto something with that Chicken hat – it’s a good look for him (hehehe)

  2. Wax Queen

    Mark this looks like so much fun!! that chicken hat is a win in my book ^_^


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